Vision Marine Smashes Record at LOTO Shootout

Vision Marine catamaran
Vision Marine broke the electric boat speed record at the 2022 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout .

Vision Marine ran 104 mph at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout on Saturday, setting a new mark for an electric-powered boat.

Shaun Torrente ran the 32-foot catamaran with twin E-Motion 180E motors and powertrain system on the 3/4-mile course. The catamaran ran flawlessly, easily smashing the record set in 2022.

“We wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t sure, it would break the 100-mph mark,” Torrente said prior to the weekend Shootout.

Vision Marine won Top Gun in 2021 for its class and set the speed record for an electric boat. Running a Bruce 22 boat with a single E-Motion 180E electric outboard and powertrain system, the V-bottom had a top speed of 49 mph. The boat broke the company’s previous record of 31 mph set at the 2019 Shootout.

“We won our class, but the Bruce 22 is not a speedboat,” Prevost said.

To break the 100-mph mark, Vision Marine selected a 32’ Hellkat Super Sport Widebody catamaran. In addition to hanging a pair of the E-Motion 180E outboards on the transom, Vision Marine had to upgrade the power system to get the boat up and running quickly for the 3/4-mile sprint.

“The boat was designed to run a certain amount of time just to make this record run,” Prevost said.

Vision Marine plans to run the catamaran a few more times over the weekend at Lake of the Ozarks Shootout to see if the catamaran has a little more speed left in it.

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